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From children's parties to bachelorette parties, there is always a suitable service to match your party.

Kids! If you're organising a kids party, then it's possible to offer all the little guests the option of getting their make-up done or having their faces painted, all completely matching the theme of the party. From a few flowers on the cheek to real princesses or pirates, anything is possible.

Girls only! Make-overs can be a nice surprise element at  any bachelorette party. The bride to be can relax during a personal make-over of her choice and prepare herself for what else is yet to come. It's also possible to do a group workshop on bridal make-up.

Make-overs and workshop can be implemented in all sorts of parties with various themes. Would you like to have make-up and/or hairstyling at your party? Please feel free to contact me via this page.

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